High precision hydraulic presses

Hydraulic flexibility without compromises!

The most advanced precision and process control together

with reduced usage and maintenance costs.

Gigant is able to supply the new generation of presses feature special hydraulic components managed by a modern numeric control. These two elements, together with Gigant’s experience in hydraulic presses, have given birth to the new servo-hydraulic system, that meets all the productivity requirements of the metal sheet deep-drawing sector.

Up to


installed power
(starting from the same technical requirements)


hydraulic oil in the circuit
with a smaller oil tank


Oil cooling required

Latest generation hydraulic components, together with brand new restorative devices, have given us the possibility to create a highly dynamical system that allows significant energy saving, thus reducing the cost of the final product.

Up to


Operational noise

Up to


hydraulic components

All axes

are controlled by CNC in closed loop

Position precision

+/- 0,05 mm



of the productive cycle

Axes control system

with Gigant’s SW for NC


brushless motors

Blanking shock dampers

these devices have different force

and can be programmed to control the axis before,

during and after the clamping, reducing the cutting noise

and allowing the axis to continue the deep-drawing;

Integration to computer networks for data exchange with production systems

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