Plasma, Oxy, Drilling

K series – Kombi

KOMPACT is a cutting mashine that can be equipped with one or two 2d Plasma heads and one or more 2d or 3D Oxy heads and Drilling Unit ISO 30 with 6 automatic changing tools or ISO 40 with 12 automatic changing tools. It is possible to cut circular pipe with rotary axis from 80 to 700 mm diameter.

Flexibility is never enough

Tech Specs
Y Axis: From 2.500 to 6.000 mm
X Axis: From 12.000 to 60.000 mm
Z Axis: 150 mm
Speed: 45 m/1′
Plasma Head: 2D o 3D
Oxy Head: 2D
Drilling unit: ISO 40 (12 tools) / ISO 50 (12 tools)
the perfect combination
The best CAD / CAM software for your machine
Libellula[CUT] is a system of nesting and programming for every kind of cutting machines. It is equipped with algorithms for optimize all kind of cutting technology. The efficiency of nesting is also very important for plasma and oxy cutting machines. In particular the software includes all the algorithms for multi-torch machines with manual and also automatic packaging. Libellula[CUT] is able to manage every kind of bevel cut (single, double and triple) full automatically and it allows to optimize the cutting paths in order to minimize the cost of consumable components that, in these kind of technologies, have an important factor.
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