Job Master
High-performing plasma cutting


Our Job Master is a plasma cutting machine with a strong tubular steel self-supporting frame that encases a precise system of racks and pinions with helical teeth and prismatic guideways with circular arc and double rails.
The structure is compact but designed to be able to host many additional accessories, like bevel head (for chamfering), drilling head ISO30/ISO40, oxy torch, and motorized spindle for cutting round tubes up to 24’’.

Plasma cutting

Plasma bevel

Drilling unit


Job Master ensures high safety standards thanks to a laser system that detects if the operator enters a hazardous area. This ensures the highest individual protection level even for such a high-speed and accelerating machine, meeting all the existing regulations. This system operates on two levels: the first alert visually and sonically warns the operator that the hazardous area is approaching; the second alert stops the machine because the area has been reached. A key selector allows the machine to be used in service mode by our staff, in compliance with CE standards.


The 3D bevel cutting head is designed and built by our own technical office to offer strength, compact dimensions and complete protection of the moving parts. The 3D allows a +/- 50° rotation without losing any of our BHC (automatic head height control) advantages. To simplify the use of the bevel technology, our CNC in equipped with parametrized tables to control the cutting process of each material/thickness at every inclination.


Our Job Master can feature an ISO40 drilling/tapping system that can reach up to 35 mm drilling and M 28 tapping safely. Solid and compact, the unit can drill, tap and flare, with externally sprayed lubrication. The spindle axis is activated by a powerful brushless motor; the pneumatic blank holder, NC-controlled, ensures stability while operating. All the parameters necessary to the operations are displayed on the NC and can be seen by the operator through a simple and complete graphic interface.


The rich standard equipment of Job Master is completed by the innovative LPD (Laser Plate Detector) system that identifies the position of the metal sheet on the cutting table though laser ray and allows the roto-translation of the program, not unlike laser machines. LPD also gives a prompt reading of the working height, thus saving a lot of time during the piercing phase.


Job Master can also optionally come with a spindle for cutting round tubes with a diameter of up to 24’’ (600 mm). The tubes are gripped by three jaws and can be cut with either 2D or 3D bevel heads. The tube cutting system is offered with a tube supporting structure during operations as well as dedicated suctioning.


The NC of Job Master is specifically developed for 2D and 3D plasma technologies, drilling and tube processing. The NC uses an industrial computer with Windows embedded operating system and comes with a TFT LCD15’’ touch screen.
The interface has been developed to let the operator verify all the parameters in a simple and intuitive way thanks to a parametric library to optimize the cutting process. The software is connected to our service department for any malfunctio- ning that may occur and is fully compliant with Industry 4.0 requirements.
the perfect combination
The best CAD / CAM software for your machine
Libellula[CUT] is a system of nesting and programming for every kind of cutting machines. It is equipped with algorithms for optimize all kind of cutting technology. The efficiency of nesting is also very important for plasma and oxy cutting machines. In particular the software includes all the algorithms for multi-torch machines with manual and also automatic packaging. Libellula[CUT] is able to manage every kind of bevel cut (single, double and triple) full automatically and it allows to optimize the cutting paths in order to minimize the cost of consumable components that, in these kind of technologies, have an important factor.
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