Metal Trimming and Forming machines
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Gigant Italia is the Italian official re-seller for Kurth + Heuser, German Manufacturer of Trimming and Beading machines to offer to the Customer the complete process from the sheet metal to the Final Product.
Kurth + Heuser was founded in 1961 and initially operating in the areas of machining and assembling sheet metal parts. In 1988, the first machine for the manufacturing of bumped boiler ends was designed and produced. Since then, K+H has continued to specialize in demanding metal trimming and beading machines. These tools are using an exceptionally economic method for edge processing of extruded or deep-drawn sheet-metal hollow parts. While K+H has been building custom machines since 1995, K+H has also continuously been developing into a turnkey supplier of production lines for vessels, boilers, fuel tanks and similar products over the past years.
Kurth + Heuser is a synonym for trimming and edge forming of sheet-metal hollow parts: Bending, trimming, edging, flanging, radius forming, rolling, beading, punching and folding are only some of the processing methods we apply. K+H methods are suitable for circular and non-circular containers, spun and drawn parts, tubes and rings with diagonal dimensions up to 2,000 mm, materials up to 12 mm thick and 1,800 mm long.
Kurth + Heuser is certified by DEKRA according to ISO 9001:2008.

Metal Trimming and Forming Machines

Machines by Kurth+Heuser have a modular design. This allows a flexible setup using the right processing units and a custom adaptation to many workpiece geometries and tasks using system components. At the same time they always offer optimum economic efficiency and flexibility along with perfect ergonomics and safety for the operator. In case of new manufacturing requirements the machines can be quickly adapted.
Flexible processing of hollow sheet metal parts and sheet iron pipes (circular/non-circular)
Trimming, beading, edging, flanging, radius forming, folding, etc.
The K+H service offering

Workpiece Diameter (mm)

50    100    120    400    500    800    1000    1200    2000

Max. workpiece height (mm)


Max. wall thickness steel (mm)


  • up to 5 processing units working simultaneously on one basic machine
  • speed-controlled drive spindle – also available with combination gearbox for circular and non-circular operation
  • servo-hydraulic, hydraulic or pneumatic tool drive
  • short machine setup times thanks to easy adjustment of processing units
  • conventional control or CNC
  • ergonomic control panel for high operator convenience
  • compact design with machine, hydraulic unit and control cabinet as one unit
  • sophisticated and proven safety concept
  • hands-on technical documentation in accordance with CE
  • worldwide service through qualified and specialised personnel
Custom machines and complete production lines
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Kurth+Heuser projects, develops, designs and produces custom machines for series production of sheet metal parts of various dimensions. We have many years experience in the engineering of custom machine and controls, up to complex manipulating technology integrated in production lines.
Innovation and carefully listening and responding to the customer’s needs is a key objective.
In close cooperation with the customer, we arrange the optimal combination of economic efficiency, flexibility as well as ergonomics and safety to meet all demands of your custom machine.
Some examples
  • Fuel production lines for tank for commercial vehicles
  • Automated production lines of containers kegs and boilers, Fuel tanks for commercial vehicles.
End Products
manufactured on machines and plants by K+H
Gas bottles, pressure vessels, beer kegs, beverage containers
… and many other circular workpieces: Vessel shells, container ends, burner housings, chemicals containers, pressure forming parts, barrels, fire extinguishers,
filter housings, casings, bumped boiler ends, cooking pots, jackets, pressure-gauge housings, stove pipes, pans, deep-drawing parts, pots, urns, heat
exchangers, etc.
Fuel tanks for commercial vehicles
Almost all suppliers of fuel tanks for major commercial vehicle manufacturers, such as DAF, IVECO, MAN, Mercedes, Scania and VOLVO rely on machines by
Kurth + Heuser.
… and blowers, jets, cover discs, vents, casings, etc.
Street signs
… and other non-circular workpieces made of metal: Exhaust mufflers, stove-top covers, catalytic converter housings, engine encapsulations, sound absorbers, sinks,
sterile containers, trays, coasters, trim rings, etc.
For more information you can also visit the website of our partner www.kurth-heuser.de