C-Frame Drawing Presses

GTP series 

Gigant design & manufactures High-speed C-Frames Hydraulic Presses from 400 to 2500 kN for high-rate, deep-drawing processes in several industrial application areas for Aluminum & Stainless Steel parts (i.e. automotive, houseware, cookware, job type works and others).
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Customized for your Production

More in general these presses are manufactured on the basis of technical specifications agreed with the individual customer.
Inverter solutions for saving and environmental respect
Tech Specs
The design of the presses adopts a welded & robust steel structure ensuring a compact and stable machine that reduces to the minimum its deformations during the working cycles. Commercial components are selected only from the major supplier existing on the market and each press is incorporating all required safety elements to satisfy Cat 3 and Cat 4 Safety Standards. By asimple selection on the machine control panel it is possible to perform several important tasks, like dies-settings for the Mobile Table and Drawing Cushion, manual cycling for pre-production trials and Standard Production using the Semi-Automatic Cycling.
Force : From 400 to 2500 kN
Table dimensions as request
RAM Stroke customizable
Safety Standards: CAT3 + CAT4
Software : GIGANT SW

Safety, first!

Our machines comply the safety regulations

Performance Level E required by the EC Machinery Directive

Passion for hydraulics
Our hydraulic and electrical systems are constantly custom designed to each machine, so give the best “performances” to individual presses, depending on its use so to maintain a good relationship “cost / benefit”.
Technology and functionality
The latest generation of the Gigant Software presses command, is based on historical data used and processed, thereby ensuring a high degree of flexibility during the “performance” production handled by selected programs and can be saved in the system memory, as well as control and manage alarm data and diagnostics of machine equipment.
Under tons of steel and power beats a Heart of Technology. PLC and the latest generation of I / O. All controlled by our software specifically developed to help the operator to work in a simple and immediate way.

G series

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