4 Uprights Drawing Presses

G4M series 

Gigant designs and manufactures 4 Uprights Type Hydraulic Drawing Presses from 1200 kN to 2500 kN for deep drawing, reverse drawing, embossing, bending, hydroforming and hot forging processes, both for steel / stainless steel production in the automotive, household white, thermo-hardening, try-out/ toolmaking and other industrial applications. In addition these Presses are produced on the basis of Gigant Italia.
Up to

Customized for your Production

More in general these presses are manufactured on the basis of technical specifications agreed with the individual customer.
Tech Specs
All structural plates used are made of steel alloys ( i.e. S355 or higher), are certified and verified for chemical analysis and mechanical testing. The assembled elements are welded together and normalized, i.a.w. UNI-EN10025 regulations. The structures are designed to improve load distribution and lower associated tensions, so to minimize distortions. The Moving Table sliding blocks, using an accurate adjustment system, ensure full contact on the guides throughout the sliding stroke, providing to the moving elements of the press the optimal parallellism accuracy. The hydraulic cylinders are completely designed and built by Gigant Italia S.r.L., the liners are made of forged steel and in case of the larger size cylinders, also the stems are made from forged body so as to ensure the pistons are reliable, safe, durable and are not keen to leaks causing machine downtime.
Force From 1200 to 2500 kN
Customizable Table dimensions
Safety Standards: CAT3 + CAT4
RAM Stroke customizable
Software: GIGANT SW
Inverter solutions for saving and environmental respect
Technology and functionality
The design of these presses provides a robust structure in electrowelded steel that ensures stability and firmness to the machine so as to minimize the deformation during the work cycles. Components are selected only between Main and qualified suppliers that exist in the market and each press is equipped with all legal requirements and security safeguards to comply with Category 4 of the EC Machinery Directive. Through a simple selection on the machine control panel, it is possible to set various types of data such as setting molds on RAM and lower sheet press cushion, manual setting being set up production cycle up to the semi-automatic and automatic cycles in phase of active and integral production.

Safety, first!

Our machines comply the safety regulations

Performance Level E required by the EC Machinery Directive

Under tons of steel and power beats a Heart of Technology. PLC and the latest generation of I / O. All controlled by our software specifically developed to help the operator to work in a simple and immediate way.

G series

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