Pre-cutting & Deep Drawing

The Gigant Italia S.r.L. hydraulic presses can be provided with a number of accessories to allow the metalsheet cutting (in square or disk shapes) and follow-on deep drawing within the same press working cycle.


Deep Drawing & Redrawing

Deep drawing is a process part of the so-called “non-conventional” stamping and is one of the strong-hold point within the range of hydraulic presses produced by Gigant Italia S.r.L.. Deep drawing always takes place between the upper effect and the lower one (blank-holder as a reaction element) and through pressure control of this one to allow the metalsheet straining and elongation during deep drawing. When in presence of reverse deep drawing, it is possible to obtain a deeper deep-drawing effect. This happens when the metalsheet is subjected to a number of deep-drawing sequences where the pieces position is inverted during the working phase and metal sheet thicknesses progressively reduced (also known as Bauschinger effect). In some instances the effects on the press can be 3 or 4 plus one for the piece extraction.


drawing press disegno 4


The Gigant Italia S.r.L. hydraulic presses can also be used for specific piece stamping called Embossing (bulging-rubber-forming) by means of dies fitted with rubber inserts (elastomers) and rods showing the final shape and that act on the rubber forming the metal piece (as it is the case when considering Aluminum alloys for aeronautical parts).